After either locating an existing underground tank or determining the location of a previous underground tank, the area is marked and photographs are taken of the site. The depth to the bottom of the vessel is determined and three to four samples, by means of hand borings, are extracted from the perimeter the of the existing tank or area of former tank. Samples will be taken at depths greater that the depth the bottom of the tank or approximately 80" to 95" below grade. The samples are then combined to form one composite sample, which is then sent to a State certified laboratory for analysis using EPA method ETPH (extractable total petroleum hydrocarbons) for Connecticut locations and the “NY Stars” EPA method 8021 & 8270 (volatiles & semi-volatiles) for New York locations. Results are usually available within three business days for Connecticut customers and five to seven business days for New York Customers. A quicker turn-around time is available for an additional charge.


For those underground tanks that are or were larger than 1,000-gallons or for samples that required to be obtained at depths greater than 9 feet, the utilization of a Geo Probe is recommended.

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