Absolute Tank Testing performs the Horner EZY3 Locator Plus, a non-volumetric, acoustically based, precision tank testing system which offers instant results with certified reports for both commercial and residential underground fuel storage tanks. The Horner EZY 3 Locator Plus has been third party evaluated and meets or exceeds US EPA tightness test requirements.

A high-tech acoustic microphone is used to determine tank tightness. Once groundwater and product levels are determine, the testing equipment in put into the tank through the fill pipe. The tank is isolated by sealing the vent pipe and the supply and return lines are closed. A slight negative pressure (vacuum) is applied to the tank system. Air and/or water will be drawn into the tank if a leak exists which will produce an acoustical signal such as a "hissing" sound indicating a leak in the ullage (dry) portion of the tank or a "bubbling" sound which indicates a leak below the liquid level (wet) portion of the tank. If there is ground water above the tank bottom, and a leak exists below the ground water level, water will be drawn into the tank. This gain of water is detected by a water sensor.

The EZY3 Locator Plus is strictly a pass/fail test. There is not a gallon per hour threshold value as is with volumetric tests. The EZY3 Locator Plus can test tanks with 0% to 99% fuel level in tanks up to 30,000 gallon capacity. Ullage volume must be the greater of 1% of tank volume OR 50 gallons.

For the customer's convenience, verbal test results are available immediately after testing with a written report being issued within 24-48 hours.

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